Location and function of parts

Illustration indicating each part of the headset

  1. Headband

  2. (left) mark

  3. Boom microphone

    There is a boom microphone on the left unit.

  4. Built-in antenna

    An antenna for wireless communication with a USB transceiver is built into the headset.

  5. Left unit

  6. (right) mark

  7. Sliders (left, right)

    Slide to adjust the length of the headband.

  8. Right unit

  9. VOL (volume) /+ dial

    There is a tactile dot on the + side.

  10. USB Type-C port

    Connect the headset to a computer, or to an AC outlet via a commercially available USB AC adaptor, with the supplied USB Type-C cable to charge the headset.

  11. Charging indicator (orange)

    Lights up or flashes in orange to indicate the rechargeable battery and charging status.

  12. Headphone cable input jack

    Connect a computer using the supplied headphone cable. Make sure that you insert the cable until it clicks. If the plug is not connected correctly, you may not hear the sound properly.


    You can adjust the volume balance between the game sound and voice chat.

  14. (power) button

  15. (power) indicator (white)

    Lights up or flashes in white to indicate the power status and the connection status between the headset and the USB transceiver.

USB transceiver:

Illustration indicating each part of the USB transceiver

  1. Slide switch

    Switches the headset connection to a computer or PS5.

  2. Connection indicator (white)

  3. Connect button