Rear panel

  1. RS232C port (*1)
  2. HDMI IN/OUT jacks (*2)(*3)
  3. IR REMOTE IN/OUT jacks
    • You can control the receiver from a distance by connecting an IR repeater (not supplied) to the IR REMOTE IN jack.
    • You can start or stop playback of devices such as a CD player connected to the receiver by connecting an IR Blaster (not supplied) to the IR REMOTE OUT jack.
  4. Wireless LAN antenna
  5. AC IN terminal

    Connect the supplied AC power cord (mains lead).

  6. LAN port
  7. SPEAKERS terminals
  8. ZONE 2 OUT jacks
  9. SUBWOOFER OUT jacks
  10. AUDIO IN jacks
  11. VIDEO IN/MONITOR OUT jacks (*3)
  12. FM ANTENNA terminal
  13. OPTICAL IN jacks
  14. COAXIAL IN jack

*1 This is the control expansion terminal for custom installation.

*2 All of the HDMI IN/OUT jacks on the receiver support HDCP 2.2. HDCP 2.2 is newly enhanced copyright protection technology that is used to protect content such as 4K movies.

*3 Connect a TV to the corresponding output jacks to watch video input from these jacks. For details, see “Connecting a TV.”