Number of recordable images

When you insert a memory card into the camera and set the ON/OFF (Power) switch to “ON,” the number of images that can be recorded (should you continue to shoot using the current settings) is displayed on the screen.


  • When “0” (the number of recordable images) flashes in orange, the memory card is full. Replace the memory card with another one, or delete images from the current memory card.
  • When “NO CARD” flashes in orange, it means no memory card has been inserted. Insert a memory card.

The number of images that can be recorded on a memory card

The table below shows the approximate number of images that can be recorded on a memory card formatted with this camera. The values are defined using Sony standard memory cards for testing.

The values may vary depending on the shooting conditions and the type of memory card used.

([Image Size]:[L: 24M])
[Aspect Ratio] is set to [3:2]

(Units: Images)

Quality 8 GB 16 GB 32GB 64 GB
Standard 1300 2700 5400 10500
Fine 820 1650 3300 6600
Extra fine 405 810 1600 3250
RAW & JPEG 215 435 880 1750
RAW 295 600 1200 2400

*When [Aspect Ratio] is set to other than [3:2], you can record more images than the numbers shown in the table above. (except when [RAW] is selected)


  • Even if the number of recordable images is higher than 9999 images, “9999” will appear.
  • When an image shot with another product is played back on this camera, the image may not appear in its actual size.
  • The numbers shown are when using a Sony memory card.