Attaching/removing the mini-stand

When you have removed the flash unit from the camera to place and use it alone for wireless flash photography, attach the supplied mini-stand to the unit.

To attach the mini-stand

  1. Press and hold the release button and rotate the lock lever away from “LOCK.”

  2. Remove the connector protect cap from the flash unit.
  3. Slide the mini-stand onto the Multi Interface foot of the flash unit and push in the stand all the way.

  4. Rotate the lock lever toward “LOCK” until it stops at the right end to secure the flash unit.

To remove the mini-stand

Press and hold the release button, rotate the lock lever away from “LOCK,” and then slide the mini-stand out of the Multi Interface foot.


  • You can screw the mini-stand to a tripod through the screw hole on the mini-stand.

    Use a tripod with the screw that is shorter than 5.5 mm (7/32 in.) in length. To a tripod with the longer screw, you cannot secure the mini-stand firmly with the screw, resulting in possible damage to the mini-stand.


  • When you are finished with using this flash unit, be sure to attach the connector protect cap back to the Multi Interface foot.