Bounce flash photography

Using the flash unit with a wall directly behind the subject produces strong shadows on the wall. By directing the flash unit at the ceiling, you can illuminate the subject with reflected light, reducing the intensity of the shadows and producing a softer light on the screen.

A: Bounce flash photography

B: Standard flash photography

  1. Hold the camera firmly and tilt up the flashlamp.

About bounce lock mechanism

When the flashlamp is tilted to the 0-degree (0°) position, the flashlamp is locked (bounce lock mechanism) to disable adjustment of the bounce flash angle. To adjust the bounce flash angle when the flashlamp is locked, press and hold the bounce lock release button and tilt up the flashlamp.


  • Use a white ceiling or wall to bounce the flash light. A colored surface may tint the bounced light. High ceilings or glass are not recommended for the bounce surface.