Turning off the headset

  1. Set the headset units into the charging case.

    Put the left headset unit (the headset unit with the tactile dot) back into the left hole of the charging case, and put the right headset unit back into the right hole of the charging case. Each headset unit will be set to the correct position in the charging case by the built-in magnet.

    When the rechargeable battery of the charging case still has power, the indicator (orange or green) on the charging case lights up for about 3 seconds.

    The charging starts on the headset. Close the charging case lid.

    The headset turns off.

When the headset is left removed

After 15 minutes of Bluetooth disconnection, the headset turns off automatically.

To turn off the power before the headset turns off automatically, set the headset units into the charging case, and close the charging case lid.

By using the “Sony | Headphones Connect” app, you can set the time until the headset turns off automatically. You can also set the headset not to turn off automatically.


  • You can also turn off the headset with the “Sony | Headphones Connect” app.


  • When the remaining battery charge of the charging case is not sufficient, the charging of the headset will not start. Charge the charging case.