Supported codecs

A codec is an “audio coding algorithm” used when transmitting sound wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection.

The headset supports the following codecs.

When connected using Classic Audio via an A2DP connection (for music playback): SBC, AAC, LDAC

When connected using LE Audio: LC3

  • SBC

    This is an abbreviation for Subband Codec.

    SBC is the standard audio coding technology used in Bluetooth devices.

    All Bluetooth devices which use Classic Audio support SBC.

  • AAC

    This is an abbreviation for Advanced Audio Coding.

    AAC is mainly used in Apple products such as iPhone that can provide a higher sound quality than that of SBC.

  • LDAC

    LDAC is an audio coding technology developed by Sony that enables the transmission of High-Resolution (Hi-Res) Audio content, even over a Bluetooth connection. Unlike other Bluetooth-compatible coding technologies such as SBC, it operates without any down-conversion of the High-Resolution Audio content (*).

    It allows approximately 3 times more data (**) than those other technologies to be transmitted over a Bluetooth wireless network with unprecedented sound quality, employing efficient coding and optimized packetization.

  • LC3

    This is an abbreviation for Low Complexity Communication Codec.

    LC3 is a codec for LE Audio and achieves low latency transmission.

*excluding DSD format contents.

**in comparison with SBC when the bitrate of 990 kbps (96/48 kHz) or 909 kbps (88.2/44.1 kHz) is selected for LDAC.

When music in one of the SBC, AAC, or LDAC codec is transmitted from a device connected using Classic Audio, the headset switches to that codec automatically and plays back the music in the same codec.

When you want to play back music with LDAC, set the sound quality mode to “Priority on sound quality” using the “Sony | Headphones Connect” app. In “Priority on stable connection” (factory settings), music cannot be played back with LDAC.

If the connected device supports a codec of higher sound quality than SBC, you may need to set the device beforehand to enjoy music with the desired codec from the supported codecs.

Refer to the operating instructions supplied with the device regarding setting the codec.