Replacing the earbuds

For the noise canceling function to be fully effective, select the earbuds that fit your ears the best.
Size M long hybrid silicone rubber earbuds come attached to the left and right units of the headset. Select and attach the earbud that allows you to hear the least ambient sounds to each unit.

Long hybrid silicone rubber earbuds

SS: 1 line

S: 2 lines

M: 3 lines

L: 4 lines

Triple-comfort earbuds

S: orange

M: green

L: light blue

  1. Remove the earbuds.

    • Do not pinch the end of the earbud when removing it.
  2. Attach the earbuds.

    • Firmly insert the earbuds all the way. Do not attach the earbuds in a loose or skewed manner.