Location and function of parts


  1. (left) mark and tactile dot
    The left unit has a tactile dot.
  2. Touch sensor
    Tap to operate the headset.
    In the factory setting, in order to prevent the headset from reacting incorrectly, the headset will not work even if you tap the touch sensor when not wearing the headset.
  3. Left unit
  4. Microphone
    Picks up the sound of your voice (when talking on the phone) and noise (when using the noise canceling function).
  5. Indicator (blue/red)
    Lights up in red while charging.
    Lights up in red or blue to indicate the power or communication status of the headset.
    In the factory setting, when you wear the headset, the indicator turns off.
  6. Earbuds
  7. (right) mark
  8. Right unit
  9. Built-in antenna
    A Bluetooth antenna is built into the headset.

Charging case

  1. Lid
  2. N-Mark
  3. Indicator (red)
    Lights up while charging.
  4. USB Type-C port
    Connect the charging case to a computer or a commercially available USB AC adaptor with the supplied USB Type-C cable to simultaneously charge both the headset and the charging case.