Turning on the headset

When the headset is set in the charging case

  1. Remove the headset from the charging case.

    Remove the headset, lifting it from the center of the charging case.
    The headset turns on automatically and the indicator (blue) flashes. When you remove only one unit from the charging case, only the removed unit turns on.

When the headset is not set in the charging case

When the headset is not worn for about 5 minutes after being removed from the charging case, the headset turns off automatically. In this case, the headset will turn on by tapping the touch sensor of the headset or wearing the headset.

When you put on the headset, you will hear voice guidance “Power on”.

When the headset is turned on

The noise canceling function is turned on automatically. When both units are removed, the connection between the left unit and the right unit is established.
The headset goes into Bluetooth pairing mode when turning on the headset for the first time after purchase.