Listening to music on a Walkman

You can listen to music on a Walkman by connecting it to the USB-A port ( A) with the USB cable supplied with the Walkman.

  1. Connect the Walkman to the USB-A port ( A).
  2. Tap the FUNCTION button repeatedly until the USB-A indicator lights up.
  3. The speaker switches to USB-A mode and the USB-A indicator lights up in white.

  4. Operate SongPal as a remote controller to play back music.
  5. Tap -/+ (volume) buttons to adjust the volume.

    When you tap the -/+ (volume) buttons, the (power) indicator flashes once or three times according to the volume adjustment.

To enjoy a more dynamic sound

Pull the lever on the bottom of the speaker in the direction of the arrow shown in the illustration below to remove the grille.*

*After removing the speaker grille, do not touch the exposed part of the speaker (speaker units), and keep the removed grille on a flat surface to prevent distortion.

What you can do with the speaker during playback

You can adjust the volume using the -/+ (volume) buttons.


  • After SongPal is downloaded and installed to your smartphone, iPhone, etc., you can use it as a remote control.


  • Files imported by x-app. cannot be played back. Connect the Walkman to the AUIDO IN jack of the speaker, and play back these files on the AUDIO IN mode.
  • The speaker supports only audio playback functions of Walkman.
  • Sony is not responsible for any loss or damage to data in a Walkman that is connected to the speaker.
  • Correct operation is not guaranteed, even for a supported Walkman.
  • When the Walkman is connected, sound is not output from its headphone jack.