Attaching the supplied XLR handle unit

By attaching the XLR handle unit, you can use the functions of the XLR adaptor.

  1. Remove the shoe cap, and then attach the XLR handle unit to the Multi Interface Shoe.

  2. Tightly fix the screws on either side by using a coin, etc.

To mount the accessory shoe

  1. Remove four screws from the XLR handle unit.
  2. Attach the accessory shoe so that its protrusions match the recesses in the accessory shoe mount, and then fix it to the mount with the four screws.
    • Use the screws supplied with the accessory shoe kit.
    • Attach the accessory shoe plate in the direction illustrated in accordance with the arrow mark on the plate. If you attach it in the reverse direction with force, the plate may be damaged.


  • Turn off the camera before attaching/removing the handle.
  • When attaching the handle to the camera, fasten the two handle-attachment screws securely. Using the handle without fastening the handle-attachment screws may damage the Multi Interface Shoe terminal or cause the camera to fall off.