Front side

Illustration of the front side of the camera

Illustration of the camera without the lens

  1. 1 button (Custom button 1)/IRIS (Iris) button
  2. Shutter button
  3. W/T (zoom) lever
  4. Front dial

    You can quickly adjust the settings for each shooting mode.

  5. Infrared remote sensor
  6. WLAN antenna (built-in)

    Wi-Fi communication may be blocked if you cover this part with your hand, etc.

  7. Lens release button
  8. AF illuminator/Self-timer lamp/Visible light and IR sensor

    Do not cover this part during shooting.

  9. Recording lamp
  10. 6 button (Custom button 6)/REC (Recording) button
  11. Mounting index
  12. Image sensor*
  13. Mount
  14. Lens contacts*

* Do not directly touch these parts.