The headset does not operate properly.

  • You cannot operate the touch sensor control panel when not wearing the headset. Wear the headset and operate the touch sensor control panel.
  • When you wear the headset over a cap, cloth, a scarf, hair, etc., wearing detection may not work properly, and the touch sensor control panel may not be available for operation. Wear the headset so that your ears are inside the earpads.
  • When the automatic power off function is set to [Do not turn off] on the [System] tab of the “Sony | Headphones Connect” app, wearing detection will continue to work and the symptom may be improved.
  • Reset the headset. This operation does not delete pairing information.
  • If the headset does not operate properly even if you reset the headset, initialize the headset.
  • While the headset is connected to a device via the supplied headphone cable and the headset is turned on, you can use Quick Attention Mode, but you cannot perform operations such as volume adjustment or play/pause.
  • The headset will not operate correctly when you operate the headset with your fingernail or a gloved hand. Remove your glove, and operate the headset with the ball of your finger.
  • Check that the touch sensor control panel setting is enabled with the “Sony | Headphones Connect” app.
  • When connected with the computer, depending on the computer application you are using, you may not be able to operate with the touch sensor control panel, but this is not a malfunction. Operate with the computer application.