Adjusting the focus

You can adjust the focus of the projected image.

  1. Start / (Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector Application) on the smartphone.
  2. Tap the (Settings) button.
  3. Use the / buttons or slide bar in [Focus] to adjust.

Auto focusing

Tap [Auto].


  • The auto focus function uses the range sensor on the rear of the projector to measure the distance to the projection surface and adjusts the focus. In the following conditions, the range sensor may not be able to measure the distance correctly and the focus may not be adjusted:
    • There is an obstruction between the projector and the projection surface
    • The projector is placed on a stand or the like.
    • The AC adaptor connected to the projector blocks the range sensor (a).

  • When the projected image size is 60 inches or more, the auto focus function does not work.
  • Depending on the projector’s location and the material of the projection surface, the auto focus function may not work correctly.
  • If the auto focus function does not work, disable [Auto], then adjust manually.