About the indicators

The meanings of the indicators of the projector and the Wireless unit are shown below:

Projector indicators

  1. Power indicator
    • Turned off: The power is off.
    • Turned on in white (dim): The projector is in Networked Standby status.
    • Turned on in white (bright): The power is on.
    • Flashing in red
      • Flashing every four seconds: The battery is low.
      • Flashing every two seconds: The temperature inside the projector is too high or too low. Leave the projector at room temperature for a while, then turn in on again.
      • Flashing three times every three seconds: The projector is malfunctioning. Consult your dealer.
  2. Charge indicator
    • Turned off: Recharging is complete.
    • Turned on: Charging.

Wireless unit indicator

  • Turned on in white: Connected with the projector.
    It lights in white when connected to the wall outlet while the Wireless unit is turned off. The indicator turns off when the Wireless unit is ready to start up.
  • Flashing in white every second: Software update is in progress.