Projecting a distribution poster

You can download a distributed poster and increase types of posters.

Connect the smartphone and projector to the same access point (wireless router) before using this function.

  1. Start/(Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector Application)on the smartphone.
  2. Tap on the top right of [Poster] and select [Change poster].
    When the poster mode is selected, tap [Change poster].
  3. Tap [Theme].
  4. Select a desired distribution poster.
    Starts downloading the poster.

    The poster with is a downloadable distribution poster.


  • When you want to delete the distribution poster, tap and then tap [OK] when a message appears.
  • If you tap while downloading a distribution poster, downloading will be interrupted. Tap the poster to resume downloading.
  • There are some distribution posters that have a limited download period.

    If you do not download the posters within the downloadable period, they will be automatically deleted.