Projecting a smartphone’s photo/movie as a slideshow

You can project photos or movies stored in the smartphone as a slideshow.

Connect the smartphone and projector to the same access point (wireless router) before using this function.

  1. Start/(Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector Application)on the smartphone.
  2. Tap on the top right of [My content] and select [Slideshow].
  3. On the thumbnail screen, select the photos or movies you want to project as a slideshow, and then tap [Build Slideshow] . After that, follow the screen navigation to complete the setting.
    You can transfer photos and movies until the [Free space: ] of the projector is full.
    You can switch the photos and movies displayed on the thumbnail screen for each saving destination. Tap the button at the top of the screen and set the saving destination.

To change photos and movies

Tap [Slideshow] on the left bottom of [My content], then reselect photos and movies from the thumbnail screen. Tap [Build Slideshow] to upload them and overwrite the photos and movies previously stored in the projector.

To set the playback order

Tap [Slideshow] on the left bottom of [My content], then tap the (Playback order) button. You can select [Newest first], [Oldest first], or [Random] as the playback order.

To set the background music

Tap [Slideshow] on the left bottom of [My content], then tap the (Background music) button. Then, tap [Add] to select tracks to set as background music. You can select multiple tracks to be played back in the order of selection. After selecting music, tap the button at the top left of the screen to return to the thumbnail screen, then tap [Build Slideshow].

You can add and remove music and change the music order. To change the music order, drag at the right of the music to be moved, then drop it to the desired position.


  • You can set the slideshow interval time.
  • The projector can play back audio files in the following formats. Audio files in other formats may be displayed in the list, though those files cannot be played back.
    • MPEG2 AAC (AAC-LC)
    • MPEG4 AAC-LC
    • MPEG1 Layer 1/2
    • MP3 (MPEG1 Layer 3)
    • LPCM
  • You can select multiple photos by dragging horizontally when you select photos on the thumbnail screen.