Pairing the projector and Wireless unit again

The projector and Wireless unit have already been paired at the time of purchase. When the pairing is removed such as after maintenance, pair them again.

  1. Disconnect the AC adaptor from the Wireless unit.
  2. After approximately 10 seconds, connect the AC adaptor to the Wireless unit again.
  3. Start / (Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector Application) on the smartphone.
  4. Tap the (Settings) button.
  5. Tap [Initialize].
  6. Tap [Pairing Wireless unit].
  7. Locate the PAIRING button of the Wireless unit, then tap [Start].
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair again.

About the indicator display during pairing

During pairing, the indicator on the front panel of the Wireless unit flashes as follows:

  • Flashing in white twice every 1.5 seconds: Attempting to pair with the projector.
  • Flashing in red: Failed to pair.


  • Press the PAIRING button with a thin object such as a paper clip.