Connecting via Wi-Fi Direct

You can directly connect this unit and a smartphone (Wi-Fi Direct) without using an access point (wireless router).


  • When [Wi-Fi Direct] is enabled, screen mirroring of the smartphone’s screen is not available. Also, [Wi-Fi Direct] is disabled when establishing a connection with an HDMI device.
  • When [Wi-Fi Direct] is enabled, the smartphone establishes a peer-to-peer connection with the projector, therefore it is unable to establish a Wi-Fi connection with an access point (wireless router). After use, disable [Wi-Fi Direct].
  1. Start / (Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector Application) on the smartphone.
  2. Tap the (Settings) button.
  3. Tap [Network].
  4. Tap [Wi-Fi Direct].
  5. Tap the switch of [Wi-Fi Direct] to enable it.

    If your smartphone is an Android smartphone, it connects to this unit automatically. If you are using an iPhone, or your Android smartphone does not connect automatically, use the Wi-Fi setting screen of the smartphone to connect to this unit.

To disable [Wi-Fi Direct]

Tap the switch of [Wi-Fi Direct].