Connecting to an access point

A connection between the projector and access point (wireless router) is needed in the following situations. Connect the smartphone and projector to the same access point (wireless router).

  • When projecting photos or movies in the smartphone.
  • When operating the poster.
    (When updating weather information, downloading distribution poster.)
  • When updating the software of the unit.
  • When setting the language for the projector.
  1. Connect the smartphone to the access point.
  2. Start / (Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector Application) on the smartphone.
  3. Tap the (Settings) button.
  4. Tap [Network].
  5. Tap [Wi-Fi].
  6. Tap [Connect] to connect to the access point.

    If the access point requires password input, tap [Password] to enter the password.
    If the access point supports the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup™) function, tap [Connect using Wi-Fi Protected Setup™], select the connection method, then follow the on-screen instructions.

To connect to an access point you have connected in the past

On the Wi-Fi screen, tap the button, then tap [Network history] to view access points you have connected in the past. Tap the desired access point.

To delete an access point

On the Wi-Fi screen, tap the button, then tap [Delete current network settings] to delete the access point currently connected to.
To delete an access point displayed in [Network history], touch and hold the access point to be deleted.


  • The terms “access point” and “encryption key (password)” vary depending on the manufacturer (“encryption key,” “KEY,” “WEP key,” “security key,” “pass phrase,” “network key,” etc.). If you are uncertain, consult the manufacturer of the access point.
  • The AOSS button of the access point may support WPS. For whether or not it supports WPS, refer to the instruction manual of the access point.