On safety

  • Refer to the Reference Guide supplied with the neckband speaker.

  • Important information such as the model name is located on the bottom of the neckband speaker.

  • If you experience discomfort while using the neckband speaker, stop using it immediately.

  • Be sure to stay awake while wearing the neckband speaker.

  • If you experience a skin problem, such as itchiness, a rash, or redness, while wearing the neckband speaker, stop use of the neckband speaker. If wearing the neckband speaker seems to disagree with your skin, stop use of the neckband speaker early on and consult with your doctor or dealer.

  • Wear the neckband speaker in a proper manner where you do not feel the vibrations of the neckband speaker on the sides of your neck to avoid a health issue or poor health.

  • Do not keep listening at a loud volume for an extended period of time. Hours of listening at an ear-splitting volume level may damage your hearing. To protect your hearing, keep the volume at an appropriate level.

  • Keep the volume low at first. Sudden loud sound may damage your hearing. It is advised that you gradually turn up the volume.

  • Do not use the neckband speaker while walking, driving or cycling. Doing so may cause traffic accidents.

  • Do not use at a dangerous place unless the surrounding sound can be heard.

On static electricity

  • Static electricity accumulated in the body may cause mild tingling around your neck. To reduce the effect, wear clothes made from natural materials, which suppress the generation of static electricity.

On placement

  • To eliminate the risk of malfunctions, avoid the following locations when placing or leaving this neckband speaker.

    • A place subject to high temperatures, such as under direct sunlight or lighting equipment, near a heat source, or in a sauna

    • Inside a vehicle with the windows closed (especially in summertime)

    • A place subject to excessive dust

    • A place subject to strong vibration

    • A place where cosmetics, such as a sunscreen, as well as chemical products, such as a bug spray, are stored

  • Place this neckband speaker on a flat, level surface. When placed on a sloped surface, the neckband speaker may fall over or fall off the surface due to its own vibration, resulting in injuries, malfunctions, or performance degradation.

  • Depending on the conditions where this neckband speaker is placed, it may fall off the surface. Do not leave any valuables near the neckband speaker.

  • This neckband speaker is not anti-magnetic. Keep objects susceptible to magnetism (recorded tapes, watches, cash cards and credit cards with magnetic coding, etc.) away from the neckband speaker. When you carry around the neckband speaker, keep this in mind as well.


  • Do not subject the neckband speaker to excessive shock.

  • Do not use or leave the neckband speaker in an extremely cold or hot environment (temperature outside the range of 5 °C - 35 °C (41 °F - 95 °F)). If the neckband speaker is used or left in outside the above range, the neckband speaker may automatically stop to protect internal circuitry.

  • If you have any questions or problems concerning the neckband speaker that are not covered in this Help Guide, consult your nearest Sony dealer.