About the indicator on the transmitter

The indicator provides the following information concerning the supplied transmitter.

: Lit in blue /: Lit in orange / -: Unlit

The transmitter is being powered

  • The transmitter is receiving no audio signals:

    - -- - (Keeps flashing in orange.)

  • PCM is not specified as the digital audio output method:

    - - - - (Keeps double flashing in orange.)

  • The transmitter is receiving audio signals:

    (Stays lit in blue.)

Information about the BLUETOOTH function

  • The transmitter is in pairing mode:

    - - - - (Keeps double flashing in blue.)

  • A connection attempt is in process:

    - -- -- -- - (Keeps flashing in blue at intervals of about 1 second for 30 seconds.)

  • A connection is established:

    (Keeps flashing quickly in blue for about 5 seconds.)

  • A connection attempt is on hold/in process:

    (Stays lit in blue.)

Other information

Initialization is complete:

(Flashes 4 times in blue.)

For details, see Initializing the transmitter.