Connecting the neckband speaker with a TV and a smartphone in multipoint connection

Multipoint connection is to connect the neckband speaker with 2 BLUETOOTH devices and use one of them for music (audio) playback (A2DP connection) and the other for phone talking (HFP/HSP connection).

To use a smartphone solely for phone talking and a TV solely for music (audio) playback in multipoint connection, establish a BLUETOOTH connection between the neckband speaker and each of the devices. The BLUETOOTH function must be supported on the devices to use in multipoint connection.

  1. Have the neckband speaker paired with the smartphone.
  2. Connect the neckband speaker with the smartphone.

    Operate the smartphone to establish a BLUETOOTH connection with the neckband speaker.

  3. Turn on the TV and press the (BLUETOOTH) button on the supplied transmitter briefly once to connect the neckband speaker with the transmitter.

    [Media audio] (A2DP) on the smartphone is automatically deselected and the neckband speaker is connected solely with the [Call audio] (HFP) preference.

    You hear TV audio coming out from the neckband speaker.


  • The neckband speaker is paired with the transmitter before delivery for your purchase.

    There is no need for you to pair them again.