How to care for the neckband speaker

You can use the neckband speaker more comfortably and for a longer period of time by following the maintenance procedure below.

  • Keep the neckband speaker from being exposed to chemical ingredients of a product, such as a bug spray or a tanning oil. When the neckband speaker is soiled on the surface, remove the soil by gently dabbing at it with a dry, soft cloth or a well-wrung cloth dipped in tap or lukewarm water before the surface is stained with the soil. Depending on the type of soils, however, this may fail to remove the soil.

  • Be sure to wipe off the moisture after using the neckband speaker. If the neckband speaker is left wet, it may be soiled by water stains, molds, or the like.

  • The sound quality may change when water enters the speaker section of the neckband speaker. This, however does not indicate a malfunction. Wipe off the moisture on its surface, and put the neckband speaker on a dry soft cloth to drain the collected water inside the neckband speaker. Then, dry the neckband speaker in an airy place until no moisture remains.


  • If the surface of the neckband speaker gets dirty, do not use detergent, thinner, benzine, alcohol, etc. to clean the neckband speaker because it will affect the water repellent function of the fabric part of the neckband speaker.

  • Especially in cold regions, be sure to wipe off the moisture after using the neckband speaker. Leaving moisture on its surface may cause the neckband speaker to freeze and malfunction.

  • If sand grains, etc. enter the fabric or other part of the neckband speaker, remove them carefully. Never use a vacuum cleaner, etc. on the neckband speaker. It may cause damage of the speaker section or other part of the neckband speaker.