Enjoying TV audio in spatial sound through Sony brand headphones

By using a BRAVIA XR TV in combination with Sony brand headphones, you can enjoy TV audio in spatial sound as well as Dolby Atmos contents.

For the compatible TV models and Sony brand headphones, access the following URL.


  1. Connect the supplied transmitter and a TV, and then make settings for the 3D surround functions on the TV.
  2. Establish a BLUETOOTH connection between the transmitter and the headphones.

    When a BLUETOOTH connection is established, audio output is switched from the TV to the headphones.

  3. Wear the headphones.

  4. Adjust the volume on the headphones.


  • Control over the volume of the headphones connected with the transmitter via a BLUETOOTH connection is not available on the TV.

  • As long as the 3D surround functions remain active on the BRAVIA XR TV, you can enjoy TV audio in spatial sound just by connecting the transmitter with the headphones from the next time on.


  • While TV audio is playing in spatial sound, no audio comes out from the TV. The volume control feature of the TV remote control is disabled as well.

  • While the headphones are connected with the transmitter, operations with the headphones, such as pausing the current playback content or skipping to the next playback content, are not available.