Turning on aibo

Follow these steps to turn on aibo.

  1. Lay down aibo on a flat floor with its paws all pointing straight ahead.

    If the paws are pointing sideways or behind or they are crossed, aibo will fail to get up. Be aware that laying down aibo in one of these postures may prevent aibo to function.

  2. Press and hold the power button (a) at the back of the neck for 2 seconds.

    To wake up aibo from sleep mode, press the power button briefly.

    The status LED lights in green to indicate that aibo is turned on.

    Wait for a while until aibo starts to move.

When the status LED flashes 3 times in red, and then goes out:

aibo is unable to wake up because its built-in battery is worn out. Charge the battery.

When the status LED is lit in green/orange or flashing in green to indicate the battery state of charge, then goes flashing in red:

aibo needs owner's help. See What if the status LED flashes in red? to find out the actions that you should take.