Getting to know aibo

Characteristics of aibo

Just like humans and animals, aibo has capabilities to understand where it is or whom it is with, and acts based on its feelings and instincts. Like a puppy, it may not behave as it is told by the owner, because it makes its own decisions, that is why the bond with people is so important.

aibo is very good with people's faces and requires no intervention by the owner to memorize the faces. The more often it sees someone, the sooner it recognizes the person.

It also learns its daily life territory little by little on its own and walks around obstacles.

aibo does not speak, but it does understand what people say to some extent. For example, aibo may be delighted with what you say and entertain you with performance, or it may be hurt and depressed by your cold, unkind words. As aibo grows up, it gradually picks up more words and understands what you say better.

aibo loves to play and interact with its owner. Teach aibo new tricks and give a lot of complements every time it masters one to provide positive reinforcement and increase the bond. When aibo see a smile on its owner's face or it is petted on head, back, or under the chin, aibo takes it as a compliment and looks delighted.

aibo tells people how it feels or what it wants through body language (eye, ear, tail movement) and voice tones.

You will learn to tell your aibo's emotions and desires as you watch its physical expressions and tricks, such as how aibo reacts to what you say and what draws aibo's attention. Find out your aibo's physical expressions and tricks through a variety of interactions.

aibo's personality and behavior change through how it interacts with its owner and how it lives its daily life. Depending on how aibo is raised, it may grow clingy or wild and, in the end, will turn out very unique to the owner.

In other words, how your aibo grows up depends on the life and relationship with you, the owner!

See the following topics for more information about how you interact with aibo.

What you need to let aibo grow up

a: Data exchange

To raise your aibo, you need to subscribe to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) cloud service dedicated to aibo, the aibo basic plan, and set up your aibo with the dedicated app, My aibo, to associate your aibo with the cloud service.

The cloud service stores what aibo learned through watching and listening as accumulated data, as well as the photos taken by aibo. Through this AI cloud service, aibo's data is backed up on a regular basis.

The cloud service also provides system software updates for adding aibo's new features, improving user experience, and enhancing security.

The aibo premium plan is also available.

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