Having aibo take daily patrols

Your aibo will patrol while walking to the destination during the designated time, and report back if he or she find out “People to visit.” Turn on “aibo patrol” after setting “People to visit,” “Patrol destination” and “Time.”

This feature is available only on the My aibo app for smartphones.


  • This feature is not intended for caregiving, childcare, medical care, crime prevention, or similar purposes. Please note we shall not be responsible for any incident, accident, damage, etc. caused by using this feature.

  • aibo may not find out “People to visit” depending on an immediate environment, aibo's state or network connection state.

  • Please explain this feature to others in the household (those added to “People to visit”) and get their consent prior to using it.

  1. Open the My aibo home screen.
  2. Select [My aibo] - [aibo patrol].

    When you select [aibo patrol] for the first time, the description of patrol is displayed. Select [x] on the screen to proceed to the next screen.

  3. Select [Daily patrol settings].
  4. Select [People to visit] and make settings for people to visit on patrol.

    When [Not set] is displayed, register people to visit by having aibo memorize their faces.

    Follow the on-screen instructions.

  5. Select [Patrol destination].
  6. Select [Patrol destination settings], and then tap a spot on the map to include it in the patrol destinations.

    When no map is displayed or you want to expand the map range, select [Have aibo explore]. aibo walks around in rooms to expand the map range.

  7. Enter the patrol destination name, and then select [OK].

    Example: “Beside bed,” “In front of stove,” and others

    When the patrol destination settings are complete, appears on the map.

  8. If you are subscribed to the aibo premium plan, select [Notifications], and then do the setting for notifications.

    Setting [Notifications] to [On] allows you to receive notifications if aibo has not found people to visit for a certain amount of time.

  9. Select [Time], and then select a time period to have aibo on patrol.
  10. Select [Turn on].

To cancel the ongoing patrol by aibo

While aibo is on patrol, [Stop patrol ] appears on the [aibo patrol] screen of the My aibo app. To have aibo stop patrolling, select [Stop patrol ].