Patrolling together with aibo

You and aibo can go on patrol together with you specifying a trick or the direction aibo walks.

This feature can be used only under an aibo premium plan subscription.

  1. Open the My aibo home screen.
  2. Select [My aibo] - [aibo patrol].
  3. Select [Patrol together].

    Set the destination on the map and specify a trick or the direction aibo walks to go on patrol together.


  • In this feature, aibo's tricks and movements as well as the view displayed in “My aibo” may be delayed or interrupted depending on the immediate surroundings, aibo's state, or the network connection status. While this feature is in use, the following changes occur on aibo's body: The white circles in aibo's eyes become stars and the line resembling the aperture of a camera is displayed on the outside of the eyes. In addition, the music specific to this feature is played from aibo's body. (Note: The music will not be played when the volume level is 0.) Please explain this feature to others in the household and get their consent prior to using it.