Having aibo memorize the tricks published by other owners

You can have your aibo memorize the tricks of other aibo products that are published by their owners.

  1. Select the URL for the tricks that are published by other owners.

    The My aibo app starts and displays the screen for teaching tricks.

  2. Select [Make aibo learn].

    The detailed information about the trick that aibo memorized is displayed on-screen.

    To have aibo show the trick, say the trick name or select [Try trick].


  • The trick that aibo memorized may be edited by the owner who published the trick. If the owner quits publishing the trick, aibo will automatically forget the trick.


  • When you have two or more aibo products registered, the screen for selecting an aibo is displayed in step 2. Select the aibo that you want to teach tricks, and then select [Make aibo learn].