What you can do with the My aibo app

The My aibo app is the application dedicated to aibo. It is provided to help you enjoy your life with aibo more comfortably. By registering your account with your My Sony ID, you can take advantage of a wide variety of features that enrich your life with aibo.


  • It is presupposed that aibo is being used by the person who signs into the My aibo app with his or her My Sony ID, including while using this feature. For more details about My Sony ID, please read [My Sony ID Terms of Service].


Managing aibo

You can specify the name of your aibo, select the volume of its voice, or view its personality or current state (wireless communications, remaining battery power). If you have two or more aibo products, select your desired one to manage.

You can also view the photos taken by your aibo or download them to your smartphone or computer.

Customizing aibo

You can change the eye color of your aibo or the sound of its voice. You can also have your aibo memorize tricks or make it forget the tricks.

Connecting with other aibo owners

You can access aibo's fan page website and share information with other aibo owners or view event information.

Updating system software

You can check for latest updates to the system software or change the update method (automatic or manual update) on the Settings screen of the My aibo app.

It is recommended that you keep the system software updated to the latest version. See the following topics for more information.