Warranty card and follow-up services

Please read

No data compensation is provided.

In the event that your data is not recorded and thus unavailable for retrieval due to some reasons, such as a malfunction of aibo or a communication error, please be advised that Sony assumes no liability for compensating lost data.

Warranty card is solely valid in Japan.

This aibo is designed based on the specifications applicable in Japan. Please be advised that on-site follow-up services and other costs concerning accidents and/or malfunctions of aibo happened in overseas are not covered by the warranty.

Warranty card

  • Your aibo is supplied with the warranty card.

  • Make sure that all the necessary information is correctly written on the warranty card, and then securely store the card.

  • The warranty period is 30 days from the date of your purchase.

Follow-up services

When your aibo has an issue:

Search for the information about troubleshooting the issue on the aibo Owner Support website at:


If your aibo still has the issue:

Contact the aibo Owner Support. You will be asked to give your My Sony ID number.

About repair

  • Repair services after expiration of the warranty period will be provided at your own expense if capabilities can be maintained by repair work.

  • Sony provides off-site repair services for aibo. You need all the packing materials, including the package box, used at the time of your purchase to send your aibo for repair. Please securely store them all.

    For the packing instructions, visit the aibo Owner Support website.

  • Sony may reproduce or reuse the parts replaced to repair aibo and will not return the replaced parts.

About the spare parts retention period

Sony maintains supplies of functional repair parts (parts essential to maintain capabilities of products) for the entertainment robot for a period of 7 years after discontinuation of the product. Product repair is only available within this spare parts retention period.