Restoring aibo to the default state (Initialization)

You can initialize your aibo and restore it to the state when aibo was delivered to your home.

  1. Open the My aibo home screen.
  2. Do either of the following depending on the app in use.
    • On the My aibo app for smartphones:

      Select [My aibo] - [Settings] - [Initialize aibo].

    • On the My aibo app for computers:

      Select [Initialize aibo] on the [Settings] tab.

  3. Select [Initialize].

    Initialization takes a while. When initialization is complete, your aibo automatically restarts itself.


  • While aibo is in the process of restarting itself, do not turn off aibo. Wait until aibo is turned on and starts moving.

  • Initializing aibo clears all the data, including memories with its owner, what it learned in daily life, and the settings you made. There is no way to restore the cleared data.

  • Initializing aibo does not restore the system software to the previous version.