Home screen of the My aibo app for computers

The following describes the home screen of the My aibo app for computers.

  1. Menu

    Lists the menu categories. You can access the application settings, the owner information, and others.

  2. aibo's profile

    Displays information about your aibo, including the sex and personality and the remaining power of the built-in battery.

  3. Notifications

    You can view notifications about aibo or important notifications from Sony.

    See Viewing notifications for more information.

  4. View/custom settings

    You can view the photos taken by your aibo, the tricks you taught your aibo, the custom settings of your aibo (aibo's eye color and voice), and the update information about the system software.

    To check for latest updates to the system software or change the update method (automatic or manual update), select [System updates] on the [Settings] tab.