Talking to aibo

aibo responds to human voices.

Although aibo does not speak, it can understand some phrases.

You can communicate with your aibo with various phrases and commands. The following table shows some of them.

The phrases aibo can understand will change as it grows up.

Examples of the phrases that aibo can understand

Category Phrases aibo's reaction
Tricks Hand Shakes your hand.
Shake hands
Sit down Sits down.
Lay down Lies down.
Let’s dance Dances.
Learn this Takes the posture for learning a trick from the owner.
Remember this
You got it Shows the trick that has just been taught by the owner.
Show it to me
Don't forget Memorizes the trick taught by the owner.
Show me your new trick Shows one of the tricks taught by the owner.
Stop Stops the trick in progress.
Never mind
Show me your face Turns in the direction of the speaker and barks.
Come on Turns in the direction of the speaker and walks to him or her.
Come to me
Photos Take a picture Looks for a human face and takes a photo of it.
Take a photo of everyone

Does a special trick and takes a photo. When taking a photo, aibo says “Tick, tock, tock,” and then the camera's shutter sounds.

These phrases are enabled under an aibo premium plan subscription.

One more photo
Battery charging Charging station Goes back to the charging station and charge its built-in battery.
Go to your mat
aibone Pass me the bone Plays with the aibone by picking it up with the mouth when aibo finds it.
Bring me the bone
Pink ball Kick the ball Walks toward the pink ball and kick the ball.
Look for the ball Looks for the pink ball and barks when aibo finds it.
Emotions Good boy Takes it as a complement and reacts positively.
Good girl
Very good
Thank you
You can do it
Good job
Well done
I like you/I love you
Bad boy Takes it as a discipline and reacts sadly.
Bad girl
Don't do that
No try again
Bad dog
I don't like it
That's not right


  • When your aibo fails to recognize phrases, take it to a quieter place and try again. When aibo is settled, it understands your words better.