Setting up aibo (Product registration with your My Sony ID is completed before delivery)

To set up your aibo, you need the dedicated app, My aibo. The My aibo app is available in two versions: one for smartphones and one for computers.

To use the My aibo app for smartphones, download the app to your smartphone. To use the My aibo app for computers, access the My aibo website.


  1. From your smartphone or computer, access the My aibo website at:

    On the computer, make sure that the My aibo home screen is displayed on your browser software, and then proceed to step 3.

  2. On the smartphone, install and start the My aibo app, and then select the country or region where you bought your aibo.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to sign in to the My aibo app with your My Sony ID.

    Be sure to use the My Sony ID that you used when you bought your aibo for signing in.

  4. Register the owner information (your nickname, birthday, and others).
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your aibo.

    On the Set-up screen, specify the following:

    • Wi-Fi settings of your aibo

    • Language to talk to your aibo

    • Name and sex of your aibo

    • Volume of your aibo's voice

    • Time zone

    • Whether to let your aibo take photos at will


  • Once aibo's sex is specified, you cannot change it without initializing aibo. To change the current sex, initialize your aibo first, and then use the My aibo app.

    Initializing aibo clears all the data, including memories with its owner, what it learned in daily life, and the settings you made. There is no way to restore the cleared data.