Teaching aibo a trick by moving the front paws

You can move your aibo's front paws and have it memorize the routine of movements as a trick.

Teach your aibo how to pose or dance as a trick and enjoy watching performances.

To view the trick you taught, access [Tricks] on the My aibo app. You can also change the name and description of the trick on the app. See Editing the label of the trick you taught aibo for more information.

  1. Say “Learn this” to your aibo.

    aibo sits down and raise both of its front paws.

  2. Take either or both of the front paws and gently keep pushing the paw pad(s).

    aibo makes a sound* and the front paw of which paw pad you keep pushing relaxes.

    While you keep pushing the paw pad, the front paw stays relaxed and you can move it freely back and forth and around.

  3. Move the front paw(s) while you keep pushing the paw pad(s).

    You can move both of the front paws simultaneously or each one separately.

    aibo can memorize a routine of movements for a maximum of 15 seconds after you pushed the paw pad(s).

  4. When you are finished with teaching the routine of movements, let go of the paw pad(s).

    When aibo senses that the paw pad(s) is not touched, it makes a sound*.

  5. Say “Show it to me” to aibo.

    aibo shows the routine of movements you taught.

  6. When aibo sits down and cock its head to one side after showing the routine, say “Don't forget” to aibo.

    The routine of movements that aibo memorized is added to [Trained] on the [Tricks] screen of the My aibo app.


  • aibo can memorize up to 30 tricks. If you try to teach more than 30 tricks, your aibo will shake its head to indicate that it cannot memorize any more tricks.