Playing music

To play tracks, first select a category.

You need to transfer music content from a computer to the player in advance.

On a Windows computer

  • Use Music Center for PC to transfer content from a CD or the computer to the player.
  • Drag-and-drop content from Windows Explorer.

On a Mac computer

  • Drag-and-drop content from Finder.
  1. Tap to open the library screen.
  2. Tap the desired category ().

    You can flick the screen to the left or right to switch pages. The number of dots represents the number of available pages ().

  3. Select subcategories until a track list appears, and then select the desired track.
    Playback will start.

Playback operating buttons on the player

Operation button Function
Press the button to start or pause playback.
Press the button to skip to the beginning of the current track or the previous track.
Hold down the button to fast rewind the track while playing.
Press the button to skip to the beginning of the next track.
Hold down the button to fast forward the track while playing.


  • If the player does not play tracks in the order you want, try the following.

    • Use the bookmark function or playlist function on the player.
    • Create playlists with Music Center for PC and transfer them.
  • The battery life becomes considerably shorter if the touch screen remains on during playback. Tap the menu items in the following order. The touch screen will turn off automatically after a set length of time. This menu item conserves the battery power.

    – [Settings] – [Device Settings] ([ Basic Settings]) – [Screen Off Timer].

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