Parts and controls

  1. Access lamp (The lamp is inside the slot cover.)

    Do not remove the microSD cards (not supplied) when the access lamp is lit up.

  2. microSD card slot cover

    Open the cover to insert microSD cards.

  3. microSD card slots 1/2 (The card slots are inside the slot cover.)

    Insert microSD cards until they click into place.

  4. Headphone jack (Balanced Standard)
    • Connect headphones with a balanced standard plug. Push in the headphone plug until it clicks into place. Connect the headphones properly. Otherwise, the output sound will be impaired.
    • Connect passive headphones (*1) to the headphone jack (Balanced Standard) only. If you use an audio cable to connect the headphone jack (Balanced Standard) to the line-in jack of an audio device, it may damage the device.

  5. Headphone jack (Stereo Mini)
    • Connect headphones with a stereo mini plug. Push in the headphone plug until it clicks into place. Connect the headphones properly. Otherwise, the output sound will be impaired.
  6. Volume knob

    Turn the knob to adjust the volume.

  7. MUTING (muting) lamp

    The lamp lights up or flashes when the player turns off the sound automatically (when the Auto Muting function turns on).

  8. Built-in Bluetooth antenna

    The antenna allows the player to connect with Bluetooth devices or smartphones.

    Do not cover the antenna when a Bluetooth connection is active. Otherwise, the connection may be interrupted.

  9. N-mark

    Touch the N-mark on a Bluetooth device or a smartphone to this mark.

    The Bluetooth device or the smartphone must support the NFC function.

    You can connect the Bluetooth device or the smartphone to the player.

  10. Touch screen

    Tap icons or items on the screen to operate the player.

  11. CHARGE (charging) lamp

    : Charging is in progress.

    : Charging is finished.

  12. Playback operating buttons

    (*2): Press the button to start or pause playback.

    / : Press the buttons to jump to the beginning of the current track, previous track, or next track.

    Hold down the buttons to fast-rewind or to fast-forward playback.

  13. (power) button
    • Press the button to turn the screen on or off.
    • Hold down the button for 4 seconds to turn on the player, and 2 seconds to turn off the player.
    • If operations become unstable, hold down the button for 8 seconds to restart the player.
  14. DC IN 19.5V jack

    Connect the AC adaptor (supplied) and the AC power cord (supplied) to this jack.

  15. USB Type-C port

    Connect the USB Type-C cable (supplied) to this port.

    You cannot charge the player through the USB Type-C port.

*1 Passive headphones: Headphones without a Noise Canceling function or Bluetooth function.

*2 There is a tactile dot on the button. The tactile dot can help you operate the buttons without looking at them.


  • The internal circuit of the player uses a relay. When a pair of headphones is connected to the headphone jack (Balanced Standard or Stereo Mini), you may hear sound from the relay in the following cases.
    • When you change the output device.
    • When you change the content or the sound quality settings.
    • When you turn the power on or off.
    • While the screen is off.

The contents of the Help Guide may be subject to change without notice due to updates to the product's specifications.