One-touch connections with a Bluetooth device (NFC)

If a Bluetooth device supports the NFC function, you can connect the player and the device easily. You can simply touch the device to the player to pair the devices and establish a Bluetooth connection.

NFC is for close-range wireless communications.

  1. If the Bluetooth device has an NFC switch, set the NFC switch to on.
  2. Turn on the screen of the player.
  3. Touch the mark on the player () and the Bluetooth device () together.

    Hold them together until instructions appear on the screen of the player.

  4. Follow the onscreen instructions on the player to complete the connection.
  5. Once the connection is established, play a track on the player.

To disconnect the player and the Bluetooth device using the NFC function

Turn on the screen of the player. Then, touch the player and the Bluetooth device ( and ) together again to disconnect.

To turn off the NFC function

The NFC function is turned on as a default. If you want to turn off the NFC function, tap the menu items in the following order to remove the check mark.

– [Settings] – [NFC] ([Bluetooth]).


  • Take the following measures if the connection is poor.

    • Move the Bluetooth device over the mark on the player ().
    • If your player is inside a case, take it out of the case.
    • Make sure that the NFC function is on. Tap and then [Settings]. Confirm that there is a check mark in the check box for [NFC] ([Bluetooth]).


  • Turn on the screen of the player before you make the connection. If the screen is turned off, you cannot connect the Bluetooth device by touching the Bluetooth device to the player (NFC).

  • The battery life becomes considerably shorter when the Bluetooth function is active.

  • You cannot connect the player to a Bluetooth device using NFC while the following functions are active.

    • The USB-DAC function
    • Turn off the Bluetooth Receiver function to connect in the Bluetooth transmitting mode.

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