Switching the earbuds

(Only for models supplied with earbuds)

The M-size earbuds are attached to the headphones at the time of purchase. If the M-size earbuds do not suit your ears, replace them with the SS-, S-, or L-size earbuds. Select earbuds with the appropriate size for each ear.

Use earbuds that fit your ears comfortably and snugly. Proper earbud sizes let you enjoy bass sound and the Noise canceling function more effectively.

Confirming the size of the earbuds

The method of confirming the size of the earbuds varies depending on the body color of your player.

Body of player: black

You can distinguish the different sizes by the color inside the earbuds (1).

  • SS: red
  • S: orange
  • M: green
  • L: light blue

Body of player: color other than black

There are dots (1) around the inner edges of the earbuds. The number of rows of dots indicates the size.

  • SS: 1 row
  • S: 2 rows
  • M: 3 rows
  • L: 4 rows

Removing the earbuds

Hold the headphones, and then twist and pull the earbuds.

If the earbuds are slippery, wrap them in a soft dry cloth.

Attaching the earbuds

Firmly push in the earbuds until they completely cover the tips of the headphones.

Be sure to attach the earbuds straight, so that the earbuds are not diagonal to the tips of the headphones. To prevent the earbuds from detaching or getting stuck in your ears, be sure to attach the earbuds correctly.


  • When the earbuds become worn, contact the nearest Sony dealer or Sony Service Center.

  • If the earbuds get dirty, remove them from the headphones. Then, hand-wash the earbuds with a neutral detergent. After washing, drain off the water and reattach the earbuds.

The contents of the Help Guide may be subject to change without notice due to updates to the product's specifications.