What you can do with Sound Organizer 2 (for Windows only)

You can install Sound Organizer 2 using the installer file (SoundOrganizer_V2001.exe) stored on the built-in memory of your IC recorder.

Sound Organizer 2 allows you to exchange files with the IC recorder or a memory card. You can play songs imported from other media (music CDs, etc.) and audio files (MP3 files, etc.) imported from another computer as well as transfer them to the IC recorder. With Sound Organizer 2, a variety of operations are available for the imported files: playback, editing, conversion to audio files, burning music CDs, and attaching audio files to e-mails.

For detailed instructions on using Sound Organizer 2, refer to the Sound Organizer 2 help.

Importing files recorded by the IC recorder

You can import files that you recorded by the IC recorder into Sound Organizer 2.

The imported files are saved to the computer.

Importing songs from a music CD

You can import songs from of a music CD into Sound Organizer 2.

The imported songs are saved to the computer.

Importing songs on the computer

You can import music and other files stored on the computer into Sound Organizer 2.

Playing files

You can play files imported on Sound Organizer 2.

Changing the file information

You can change the information about songs (titles, artist names, etc.) displayed in the file list.

Dividing files

You can divide one file into multiple files.

Combining files

You can combine multiple files into one file.

Deleting files from the IC recorder

You can delete files stored on your IC recorder.

When you want increase the remaining free space on the IC recorder or you find unnecessary files on the IC recorder, you can directly delete files from Sound Organizer 2.

Transferring files to the IC recorder

You can transfer music and audio files from Sound Organizer 2 to the built-in memory or the microSD card on your IC recorder and enjoy them on the IC recorder.

Burning a music CD

You can select your favorites from the songs imported into Sound Organizer 2 and make your own original music CD.

Other convenient usage

You can start your e-mail software and attach recorded files to an e-mail.