Formatting the memory (Format Built-In Memory/Format SD Card)

You can format either the built-in memory of your IC card or the microSD card. Formatting the built-in memory will delete all of the stored data and restore the original folder structure at your purchase.

  1. While recording or playback is on standby, select “ Settings” - “Common Settings” - “Reset/Format” - “Format Built-In Memory” or “Format SD Card” from the HOME menu, and then press.

    Delete All Data?” appears.

  2. Pressor to select “Yes,” and then press.
    The “Please Wait” message appears and the selected memory will be formatted.
  3. Press and hold BACK/HOME to return to the HOME menu.
    To return to the screen before you displayed the HOME menu, press souni_stopSTOP.


  • Be sure to use your IC recorder, not a computer, to format the microSD card that you intend to use on the IC recorder.

  • Be aware that formatting the built-in memory will delete all of the stored data, including protected files and Sound Organizer 2, and you will not be able to restore anything after the formatting process.


  • To cancel the formatting process, select “No” in step 2.