Deleting a folder

You can select a folder and delete it.

  1. Select “Music” or “ Recorded Files” on the HOME menu, and then press .
  2. Pressorto select “Folders” and the memory storage, and then press.
  3. Pressorto select the desired folder.
  4. Select “Delete Folder” on the OPTION menu, and then press.

    Delete Folder?” appears on the display window.

  5. Pressorto select “Yes,” and then press.

    The selected folder is deleted.

If the selected folder contains files, “Delete All Files in This Folder?” appears. Pressorto select “Yes,” and then pressto delete the folder and its files. If the selected folder contains sub-folders, however, you cannot delete the sub-folders and their files.


  • If the selected folder contains protected files, an attempt to delete the folder only deletes unprotected files, leaving the folder and the protected files undeleted. Remove protection from such files first, then delete the folder. For instructions on protecting a file, see Protecting a file.


  • To cancel the deleting process, select “No” in step 5, and then press.

  • If you delete the current file storage destination folder, “Switch Recording Folder” appears on the display window and “FOLDER01” (default destination folder) is assigned as the new file storage destination folder.

  • If you delete all of the file storage destination folders, “No Folders - Creating New Recording Folder” appears on the display window and “FOLDER01” is automatically created.