On power

DC 3.0 V: Use two LR03 (size AAA) alkaline batteries

DC 2.4 V: Use two NH-AAA rechargeable batteries

DC 5.0 V: when using USB AC adaptor

Rated current consumption: 500 mA

On safety

Do not operate the unit while driving, cycling or operating any motorized vehicle.

On handling

  • Do not leave the unit in a location near heat sources, or in a place subject to direct sunlight, excessive dust or mechanical shock.

  • Should any solid object or liquid fall into the unit, remove the batteries and have the unit checked by qualified personnel before operating it any further.

  • When using your IC recorder, remember to follow the precautions below in order to avoid warping the cabinet or causing the IC recorder to malfunction.

    • Do not sit down with the IC recorder in your back pocket.

    • Do not put your IC recorder into a bag with the headphones/earphones cord wrapped around it and subject the bag to strong impact.

  • Be careful not to allow water to splash on the unit. The unit is not waterproof. In particular, be careful in the following situations.

    • When you have the unit in your pocket and go to the bathroom, etc.

      When you bend down, the unit may drop into the water and may get wet.

    • When you use the unit in an environment where the unit is exposed to rain, snow, or humidity.

    • In circumstances where you get sweaty. If you touch the unit with wet hands or if you put the unit in the pocket of sweaty clothes, the unit may get wet.

  • Listening with this unit at high volume may affect your hearing. For traffic safety, do not use this unit while driving or cycling.

  • You may feel pain in your ears if you use the headphones when the ambient air is very dry. This is not because of a malfunction of the headphones, but because of static electricity accumulated in your body. You can reduce static electricity by wearing non-synthetic clothes that prevent the emergence of static electricity.

On noise

  • Noise may be heard when the unit is placed near an AC power source, a fluorescent lamp or a mobile phone during recording or playback.

  • Noise may be recorded when an object, such as your finger, etc., rubs or scratches the unit during recording.

On maintenance

To clean the exterior, use a soft cloth slightly moistened in water. Then use a soft dry cloth to wipe the exterior. Do not use alcohol, benzine or thinner.

If you have any questions or problems concerning your unit, please consult your nearest Sony dealer.

Backup recommendations

To avoid potential risk of data loss caused by accidental operation or malfunction of the IC recorder, we recommend that you save a backup copy of your recorded files to a computer, etc.

On using a microSD card

  • When formatting (initializing) a memory card, make sure to use the IC recorder to format it. Operations of the memory cards formatted with Windows or other devices are not guaranteed.

  • If you format a memory card containing recorded data, the recorded data will be deleted. Be careful not to delete important data.

  • Do not leave a memory card within the reach of small children. They might accidentally swallow it.

  • Do not insert or remove a memory card during recording/playback/formatting. Doing so may cause a malfunction of the IC recorder.

  • Do not remove a memory card while the “Accessing,” “Saving...” or “Please Wait” message is on the display window. Doing so may damage the data.

  • Your IC recorder does not support microSDXC cards with the capacity of 64 GB or more.

  • We do not guarantee the operations of all types of compatible memory cards with the IC recorder.

  • You cannot use a ROM (read-only-memory) type or write-protected memory card.

  • Data may be corrupted in the following cases:

    • When a memory card is removed or the IC recorder is turned off during a read or write operation.

    • When a memory card is used in locations subject to static electricity or electrical noise.

  • We assume no responsibility for any loss or damage of recorded data.

  • We recommend that you save a backup copy of the important data.

  • Do not touch the terminal of a memory card with your hand or a metal object.

  • Do not strike, bend or drop a memory card.

  • Do not disassemble or modify a memory card.

  • Do not expose a memory card to water.

  • Do not use a memory card under the following conditions:

    • Locations beyond the required operating conditions, including locations, such as the hot interior of a car parked in the sun and/or in the summer, the outdoors exposed to direct sunlight, or a place near a heater.

    • Humid locations or locations with corrosive substances present.

  • When using a memory card, make sure to check the correct insertion direction into the memory card slot.

  • Do not put any adhesive label on a memory card as it may cause the card to be stuck in the slot.