Dividing a file at the current playback point

You can divide a single file into two files. Dividing a file helps you quickly locate the point from which you want to play in a long recording file, such as a meeting recording. You can further divide either of the divided files.

  1. Select the file that you want to divide, and then play the file and stop at a point where you want to divide the file.
  2. Select “Divide” - “Current Position” from the OPTION menu, and then press.

    Divide at Current Stop Position?” appears on the display window.

  3. Pressorto select “Yes,” and then press.

    The “Please Wait” message appears, and the divided files will be suffixed with a sequential number (“_01” for the first part, and “_02” for the second part).

    A. Before dividing a file:indicates where you divided the file.

    B. After dividing a file: A suffix made up of a sequential number is added to the file name of the divided files.


  • You cannot divide a protected file. To divide a protected file, remove protection from the file first, then divide the file. For instructions on protecting a file, see Protecting a file.


  • To cancel the dividing process, select “No” in step 3, and then press.