About the recording level guide

While recording is in progress, the recording level guide () appears on the Record screen.

As illustrated above, three or four black squares () on the recording level guide indicate the optimum recording volume levels for the sound source. Adjust the orientation of the built-in microphones, the distance from the sound source, or the sensitivity setting of the microphones to keep the volume within the optimum range. See Selecting the sensitivity level of the built-in microphones (Built-In Mic Sensitivity) for selecting the microphone sensitivity level.


  • When the input sound volume is low, it is recommended you move your IC recorder closer to the sound source or increase the microphone sensitivity level.

  • While playback is in progress or on standby, you can press and hold souni_recREC/PAUSE to make your IC recorder pause for recording. This helps you adjust the recording volume level without recording unnecessary audio data.