Using the IC recorder with the USB AC adaptor

You can use your IC connector with a USB AC adaptor (not supplied) connected to an AC outlet. It is helpful to use the IC recorder with AC power when you want to record for a long time.

  1. Connect a USB AC adaptor (not supplied) to an AC outlet.
  2. Slide the USB slide lever of the IC recorder and connect the USB connector to the USB AC adaptor.

    A: USB AC adaptor (not supplied)


  • While recording is in progress (the operation indicator lights in red) or paused (the operation indicator flashes in red), or while data is being accessed (the “Accessing” message is on the display window), observe the following to avoid data corruption:

    • Do not connect/disconnect your IC recorder to/from the USB AC adaptor while the adaptor is connected to an AC outlet.
    • Do not connect/disconnect the USB AC adaptor to/from an AC outlet while your IC recorder is connected to the adaptor.
  • Be sure to connect the USB AC adaptor to a power outlet within reach so that you can immediately disconnect it when you detect any malfunctions.