Reducing noise during recording (Recording Filter)

With the Recording Filter function, you can reduce noise in the recordings.

  1. Select “ Settings” - “Recording Settings” - “Recording Filter” from the HOME menu, and then press.

  2. Pressorto select “NCF(Noise Cut)” or “LCF(Low Cut),” and then press.

  3. Press and hold BACK/HOME to return to the HOME menu.
    To return to the screen before you displayed the HOME menu, press souni_stopSTOP.

Description of menu items

You can select one of the following items:

Turns off the Recording Filter function.
NCF(Noise Cut):
Cuts high-frequency sounds except for human voices as well as low-frequency sounds.
LCF(Low Cut):
Cuts low-frequency sounds, including noise from projectors and roaring wind sounds (default setting).


  • While “Audio IN” is selected for “Ext. Input Setting” is in progress, the Recording Filter function does not work.

  • If one of the recording levels for music is selected for the sensitivity level of the built-in microphones, the recording filter “NCF(Noise Cut)” is turned off because it is optimized for voice recording.


  • To cancel the Recording Filter function setup process, select “OFF” in step 2.